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Incorporation Data

The Orphan Foundation
Founded on December 12, 2006
Incorporation on January 8, 2007 by the Secretary of State of California

Federal EIN: 20-8201228
California: 2940564
Non-Profit; 501(c)(3) Status Approved by IRS

This corporation is organized exclusively for all charitable purposes that help orphans find adopting parents, or otherwise assist orphans to create a meaningful and productive live once they enter their adult years. These purposes include financial support for adopting families (through qualified adoption agencies), education on financing adoptions, financial and educational assistance for orphaned children with special needs, and financial support for orphanages for the purpose of providing educational support and materials to better assist orphans who will remain with the orphanages throughout their non-adult years.

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Goals, History and Geographic Area Served

Since December of 2006, The Orphan Foundation has provided hope and lifelines to orphans in need. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to adoption, by providing financial support and information to low and middle income adopting families, as well as services to institutionalized orphans around the world. We currently provide grants of $500 to families who have successfully completed their home study, and who can demonstrate to our Board of Directors that a grant from our foundation will make the pivotal difference in their ability to adopt a child. The foundation supports all institutionalized children around the world.

Formed by Joe and Tatiana DiDonato in 2006, The Orphan Foundation began in Newbury Park, California as an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization committed to eliminating the financial barriers to adoption in our local community. In the beginning, The Orphan Foundation offered only two service programs – financial grants and information on how to finance an adoption. Support and interest grew rapidly, and we began to consider the challenge of meeting the needs of the large and increasing orphan population, which is currently estimated at 143,000,000 children worldwide, as well as families throughout our nation. Understanding that this expansion of services and programs would require more financial assistance, we incorporated the foundation in January of 2007, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and began appointing a strong and capable Board of Directors. We now have a 19-person board, made up of presidents, CEO’s, physicians, nonprofit executives, as well as many senior executives and supporters.

With the Board’s help, we have researched and worked diligently to meet this broader range of needs. This work has led to the creation of five goals for the foundation which cover the broader range of needs of institutionalized children in orphanages and foster care facilities:

Goal 1: To reduce the financial barriers to adoption by providing financial assistance and information for adopting families.

Goal 2: To increase a child’s chances for adoption by providing necessary health and medical interventions by physicians and healthcare professionals.

Goal 3: To increase an older child’s chances for adoption by providing adoption incentives and contact with potential adopting families.

Goal 4: To create a volunteer group that assists in the care of the children while they await adoption, to prevent the development of mental or physical health problems that might become a barrier to adoption.

Goal 5: To help with an orphan’s transition to a productive life style, once the child leaves the institution.

As of 2010, the all-volunteer team at The Orphan Foundation has provided countless grants for institutionalized children, as well as special needs children. The children come from China, Russia, the US, Liberia, Guatemala, Korea, Vietnam, and many other countries. The adopting families all reside in the continental United States, and are typically low to middle-income in their demographics. We are currently backlogged in funding grants due to the visibility the foundation has achieved through CNN Headline News – Limited Edition; The Dave Thomas Foundation; magazine and newspaper articles; internet article marketing; and via our donation boxes which appear throughout the country.

The Orphan Foundation’s work is critical to reversing the rising population of orphans and foster children throughout the world. As only one example, in Eastern European countries, less than 50% of the orphans live to see their 20th birthdays. Add Africa to that number and the mortality rate increases. Of those that do live, nearly 50% turn to drugs, prostitution, and organized crime to survive. When the children leave the orphanages and foster care systems at the age of 17 or 18, without families to help them transition successfully, the children face yet another point of risk. The combined populations of orphans, and the “reclassified category” known as “displaced children,” brings the total population of known homeless children to 163,000,000, according to UNICEF statistics. In total, that would make the world’s orphan population the 7th largest nation in the world. Without families or hope, the shared conclusion of our foundation is that this group of unwanted children will become the world’s burden in the next decade.

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Board of Directors

Joe DiDonato
Dr. Tatiana DiDonato

Joe DiDonato

Board Members:
Rosemary Sandlin
Vanessa Kovacs
Larry Borovay
Kimberly Friddle
Michael Giambra
Michael Yakiemchuk

In Memoriam:
Frank Maguire

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