Adoption Overview

What starts as a gesture of love soon becomes an onslaught of paperwork. The forms, the home study, the waiting, and certainly the financial hurdles can be discouraging to a loving family wanting to open their arms to an orphaned child. The Orphan Foundation hopes to help you overcome some of those barriers by providing financial assistance and information for adopting families. Please browse the materials we’ve compiled to support you in your adoption journey.

Be sure to tell your friends about The Orphan Foundation, these resources, and our vision of finding permanent families and homes for all of the world’s 143 million orphans.  And if you're in need of inspiration, try these adoption quotes:

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A Simple Guide to AdoptionDownload

This 30-page guide to adoption is a resource for those beginning the adoption process.  It will help you make the choice between international, domestic, and foster care adoptions, show you the timelines of each method, costs and budgets, and how to raise the funding needed to adopt.  The guide also includes the stories of three of The Orphan Foundation’s grant recipients, who are a true inspiration to anyone hoping to adopt. Another excellent source for international adoptions - by country - can be found at this link:  Another informative site is this one from the US Immigration office which talks about international adoptions and immigrations: In the middle of the page you will see an input box where you can select the country from which you wish to adopt.  You will see answers to most of your questions, including ranges of costs.

Another great resource for getting started with adoption is from the Dave Thomas Foundation.  It's called "Finding Forever Families - A Step-by-Step Guide to Adoption."  You can get a free digital copy here: Download

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State Agency That Support Adoption


This is a wonderful source for state funding to help families who are adopting:

State Adoption Subsidy Profiles



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Agency DirectoryDownload

The 2007 National Foster Care and Adoption Directory lists foster care and adoption resources by state.

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Adoption GlossaryDownload

When beginning the adoption or foster care process, it may be difficult to understand some of the terminology that is used frequently.  This glossary includes definitions for many common words and phrases related to the adoption and foster care processes.

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Grants and LoansDownload

We are currently experiencing a very high demand for grants from adopting families. The requests have greatly exceeded our donation levels, so we are encouraging families to explore other financial sources to help with their adoptions. This list provides information on several other organizations that also provide Grants and Loans.

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Adopting a Child with "Special Needs" - Meet The Cancilla Family

Meet the Cancilla Family! This interview took place on the second TV show we aired. The Cancilla's are one of the new breed of adopting families that have taken on the responsibility of loving and caring for a "special needs" child. Listen to their story and learn about adopting and caring for a child with "special needs." And most importantly, meet Harrison.



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Image Adopting 16 Children! - Meet The Corrodi Family

Meet the Corrodi Family! This interview takes you through both international and foster care adoptions with Jack & Kay Corrodi. They have adopted 16 children - 3 from Mexico, 2 from Bolivia, and 2 from El Salvador. Then they adopted 9 children from East Los Angeles! Wonderful people. Wonderful children, and an inspiration to all adopting families. Click the play button and enjoy.



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Adopting from China - Meet The Rennemo Family

Meet the Rennemo Family! This interview took place on the third TV show we aired. The Rennemo's are one of the new breed of adopting families that are truly international. Donna is Italian and grew up here in the States, married Rolf in Oslo, Norway, and their two gorgeous daughters are from China. Learn the in's and out's of adopting from China by listening to this program.



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Other Resources

Below are links to other organizations that may be of help to you:

Resources4Adoption (45 Grants and Loans)
The Dave Thomas Foundation
National Council For Adoption
The US Department of Health and Human Services
Trauma Adoption
Coalition of Adoption Programs


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The Orphan Foundation Grant Application


Approximately 10 grants of $500/child will be awarded yearly. Our procedure is to review all incoming grants on a quarterly basis to determine eligibility. The base eligibility requirements are that you have successfully completed your home study and that the child you plan to adopt is still in an orphanage or in a foster care institution, as one of our primary missions is to help rescue the children that fall into this category. Note: we do not provide grants for birthmother adoptions or the adoption of step children. If you meet these requirements, then your grant request will be accepted for consideration with all of the other grant requests currently in the queue. We award the grants quarterly, and those awards are based upon our ability to fund. If you are not approved, your grant request will be removed from our queue, but you can resubmit for the next quarterly review. We also encourage you to look over the other sources of grants and loans that we provide on this page. And most importantly, thank you for helping us make a difference in the life of a child.

Is this your first grant application with TOF? Yes
No - I'm reapplying
Date of This Application [mm/dd/yyyy]:
Grant Recipient's Full Name:
Grant Recipient's Full Address [Street Address (including any apartment number), City, State, Zip Code]:
Grant Recipient's Telephone Number [Please use this format: (XXX) XXX-XXXX]:
Grant Recipient's EMail Address For Notifications [if available]:
Is the Grant Recipient a United States Citizen?
Grant Recipient's Total Family Income [Income from salaries, interests, dividends, investments, and rentals]:
What is your Occupation?
To which of the following resources has the grant recipient applied? Home Equity Loan
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
401(k) Loan
Insurance Loan
Personal Loan
Family Loan
How much money have your already spent on this adoption?
What is the amount that you are requesting? [NOTE: Current funding limits our grants to $500 per child, and the child has to be in an institution, whether domestically or internationally. Unborn children, as in the case of a birthmother arranged adoption, surrogate adoptions, step-family type adoptions and similar adoptions are not eligible for grants, as our foundation is solely focused on rescuing orphans out of institutions.]:
What is the status of your homestudy? [Note: We are only able to accept applications from families that have completed their homestudy.]
If your homestudy is not yet completed, when do you expect to complete it?
Is this a Domestic or International Adoption?
If this is an international adoption, from which country?
Are there any special medical or other needs that have to be considered?
For what purpose(s) will this grant be used?
What actions are still pending for your adoption to be approved?
Expected date that you will adopt? [Please indicate if adoption is already complete]:
How many children will you be adopting?
What is the age of the first child?
What is the age of the second child to be adopted, if applicable?
What is the sex of the first child?
What is the sex of the second child, if applicable:
Is this your first adoption?
Is the child being adopted a brother or sister of a child you have already adopted?
How many other children do you have at home?
Are there any other special circumstances that you think would be pertinent to The Orphan Foundation's approval of this grant:
Grant Recipient's Adoption Agency and Address:
Is you adoption agency a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency, with 501(c)(3) status?
Grant Recipient's Contact Person at the Adoption Agency:
Telephone Number of Grant Recipient's Contact Person at the Adoption Agency:
Adoption Agency Contact's EMail Address (if available):
How would you like to be notified of the status of your grant?
Grant recipient verifies that they understand that the grant will be made through their 501(c)(3), nonprofit and properly licensed adoption agency:
Special Consideration for why the grant monies should be given directly to Grant Applicant [Fill out only if required by your answer to verification above]:
How did you hear about The Orphan Foundation?
May we use your family for publicity for The Orphan Foundation and its programs to help adopting families?
Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for The Orphan Foundation?
Would you be able to adopt without this grant from The Orphan Foundation? Yes
I certify that the information provided in this grant application is true. Yes

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